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English Spot Rabbit in Easter Basket

About Sam's Spots.

Sam's Spots is a rabbitry located in Southwestern WI. I have had a history with rabbits that all began when I was a youth in 4H. It didn't take long for me to find and fall in love with English Spots. While they take center stage, I also raise Tans- another beautiful running breed.

You can find me at ARBA shows in the area from time to time. My primary focus on the moment is on breeding and showing, but I hope to train some of my rabbits in hopping/agility in the future.

English Spot Rabbit Being Held

My Rabbits.

English Spots & Tans

Spots and Tans are beautiful breeds, which is exactly why I fell in love with them! Whether you are new to rabbits, used to show rabbits, or have been raising rabbits for years, I highly recommend these guys. However, you can't mistake them for being cuddly rabbits. They are born to jump, play, and most importantly: run. They are playful and energetic, making them great pets for animal lovers. To find out more, please feel free to take a look into my breeds for any extra information.

English Spot Rabbit Doing Agility

My Breeding Stock

Currently, I am breeding four varieties of English Spots: Black, Blue, Gold, and Chocolate. I've had the great pleasure of bringing English Spots in from all over the U.S. With a solid foundation, I've been working on creating my own lines and doing my best to perfect the breed. As for Tans, I am working to bring in all four varieties with a special emphasis on blacks and chocolates. Go ahead and check out my main breeding stock to get to know my rabbit family.

Rabbits for Sale

Generally I breed from April - September, but I will have rabbits available all throughout the year. I will have show, brood, and pet quality animals as well as breeding pairs available. You can check out what I have for sale at the moment, as well as upcoming litters. I always have a waiting list so it's a good idea to contact me if you're looking for a show rabbit or breeding pair specifically.

English Spot Rabbit Winning Award

More Information

Want to learn even more about these guys?

That's great, because I have a lot more info right here! Check it out to take a dive deeper into the English Spot and Tan breeds.

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