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Want to know everything you can about these beauties?

Here you can find a bunch of info pertaining to English Spots! I more than anyone know that there is next to no information out there pertaining to spots. It can be very frustrating and I don’t want you to experience the same struggle.

Let me start off by stating that I’m not an expert. However, I love soaking in information and have been doing a lot of that since I started breeding. So a lot of this information is not only a result of my experience, but also the experience of breeders who have been breeding these guys for decades.

So you don’t have to regard these articles as fact. But simply what I’ve heard and applied to my own program. Hopefully they are helpful to you in some way!


General English Spot Info

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Sam's Spots Specific

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My Standards - COMING SOON
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Wondering what rabbit is right for you?

You can find a lot of information about each of these breeds through their specific websites. I am happy to provide links to helpful articles that can help get you started. Otherwise, feel free to send any questions my way.

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