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Meet My Rabbits.

Below you can take a peak at some of my best breeding and showing stock. You can take a closer look at the rabbits that initiated my breeding lines.

English Spots


Gold English Spot Rabbit

HH628 aka Winnie, is a lovely doe purchased from Mary Henry. She will be the matriarch to the start of my all gold lines. Her color is spot-on (no pun intended) and she is just what I'm looking for in a brood doe.

Gold English Spot Rabbit

HH629 aka Pooh, is my main gold breeding buck purchased from Mary Henry. Like Winnie, he has an all gold pedigree. He is both a breeding and showing buck.


Gold English Spot Rabbit

Potter/Pratt MODEL E10 aka Major, is my primary breeding buck. He has so many charactaristics I am happy to see and a pedigree I am in love with. He has shown and bred well for me.

Black English Spot Rabbit

Sam's Spotted Holiday, is one of the first homebreds I decided to welcome into my program. She is well balanced and has nice type. She was the first of my homebreds to win a leg (placing 1/6 at her first show). She is now used as a brood doe.


Blue English Spot Rabbit

Sam's Spotted April is my only blue in the rabbitry at the moment. I could not be happier with her or her color. She has brought some very desrable traits to my program. She is currently both a brood and show doe.

My Tans


Tan Rabbit

Oak Pond Acres Lil' Jack Slade aka Jack is a new black buck that I have been using temporarily for breeding. He isn't quite the fit for my specific breeding program, but he has been a good breeding buck so far.

Tan Rabbit

ST Rose is my very first homebred and has proven to be a great show rabbit. Though she is a senior now, I still show her in the winter. The rest of the year, she is a fantastic brood doe and mama.

More Information

Wondering what rabbit is right for you?

You can find a lot of information about each of these breeds through their specific websites. I am happy to provide links to helpful articles that can help get you started. Otherwise, feel free to send any questions my way.

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