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My Rabbit Breeds.

Although I mainly breed English Spots, I also breed Tans- another running rabbit breed. You can check out some of my breeding stock bellow and read up on the varieties. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have or give some resources that might assist you in finding the rabbit that's best for you.

My Spots

If you are looking into breeding, owning, or showing an English Spot, there are some things you will want to know. Firstly, Spots should not at the top of the list when you think about sitting down and cuddling with a bunny. English Spots are absolutely brimming with life and personality. It is these two major qualities that I think really make them so wonderful.

They stand out from many other breeds not only because of their pattern, but because of the way they carry themselves. They are what's called a fully arched breed, which gives them a very regal and hare-like look. They are also a running rabbit breed, meaning that they are meant to run up and down the table when showing.

As for color and markings, English Spots can really steal the show. They are born with very specific markings, making them a very fun rabbit to try and breed. Some rabbits are born solid and some are born with less white, so you never know what you will get from a litter. Colors are a little easier to manage and predict. There are seven recognized colors: Black, Blue, Chocolate, Gold, Gray, Lilac, and Tortoise.

I myself currently breed Blacks, Chocolates, Golds, and Blues. I dabble in all colors from time to time and will have more variety available in the future. Right now, I am focusing on type and management. So far, I have really enjoyed my experience with English Spots and hope to help other rabbit lovers to find the rabbit that is the right fit for them.

Usually I will just sell show or pet rabbits, but occasionally I will have breeding pairs for sale. All showable rabbits will come pedigreed with a tattoo.

Tan Rabbit Picture

My Tans

Tans are definitely a favorite of mine not only because they share many of the same characteristics as the English Spots, but also because they are some of the most beautiful rabbits I've owned. You may have heard of or experienced a not-so-friendly Tan, but I handle mine from birth and keep a very close eye on temperment.

As far as colors go, Tans are absolutely striking. They might remind you of a German Shepherd or other dog breed with similar coloring. They always have rich cinnamon fur paired with either: Black, Chocolate, Blue, or Lilac. Breeding wise, they are less unpredictable than English Spots. So most of the bunnies will end up being showable.

I now breed Tans as much as my English Spots. I have a substantial amount of breeding stock and expect to have breeding pairs available throughout the year. I breed all four varieties, but I prioritize fur and rufus over color so I may not always have dilutes available. As always, you can check and see what I have here.

Tan Rabbit Picture

More Information

Wondering what rabbit is right for you?

You can find a lot of information about each of these breeds through their specific websites. I am happy to provide links to helpful articles that can help get you started. Otherwise, feel free to send any questions my way.

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